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FanZoos Community Guidelines


Community Guidelines, A few guidelines to keep FanZoos safe and fun for all our users

"Welcome to out sports family! Let's establish the rules first."
Usage Explained
FanZoos is safe online community where sports fans are welcomed to express their views about all sports on an open platform. If you are a sports fan of any caliber, this is your home. Upload videos, talk trash, share fan experiences and communicate with mutual fans and your rivals. Wewant you to have fun, but you must follow FanZoos Community Guidelines.


  • Enjoy FanZoos, Have Fun!
  • Welcome new members and different views with respect.
  • Speak your mind,but keep your comments in the game.
  • Upload videos and share your fan experiences. We want you to bring your excitement and love for your sports and favorite players but keep it sports related.
  • Be mindful and considerate of children who may access our site with parents or guardians.
  • Rate your videos appropriately. If there‚Äôs use of profanity, strong language (SL) Strong language should be indicated.
  • Keep our community safe. Report any abuse or flag any inappropriate videos.


  • No personal attacks!!! We will not tolerate any posts that are racist, sexist, harassing, intimidating, threatening, defamatory, demeaning, obscene, or pornographic in nature.
  • No nudity.
  • No cyber-bullying. By all means, voice your opinion, speak your mind and be passionate about being a fan, but remember to respect the opinions of other members. FanZoos is a safe community, necessary roughness will not be tolerated.
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